Monday, December 16, 2019

Top 5 Styles of Gold Hoop Earrings

People who wear gold hoop earrings can express themselves in subtle or not so subtle ways, depending on the style they choose.

1. Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings 

Gold hoop earrings can be thin, small, and understated or they can be large enough to brush against the wearer's shoulders. Buyers should be aware of the variety in styles of gold hoop earrings so they can take advantage of the quick and easy method of altering and enhancing their look. The most common form of gold hoop earrings is yellow gold.

Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings

Yellow gold is the purest form of gold. The purity of gold measures in karats from 10k to 24k. Gold is soft metal that people can stretch into different designs, such as gold hoops. How malleable the gold is depends on how pure it is. Other metals mix with gold to strengthen it. This addition lowers the purity level of gold. Each karat size possesses a different level of purity and is suited differently to different designs and maintenance requirements.

Karat Size Purity
10k Cheapest type of gold available in the United States (41.7 percent pure gold)
14k Most commonly used for jewelry (58.3 percent pure gold)
18k Good strength for holding gemstones in place (75 percent pure gold)
24k Most easily damaged (99.99 percent pure gold)

Yellow gold hoop earrings require less maintenance than other types of gold, and they are more hypoallergenic. Buyers with olive and dark skin tones might find yellow gold to be most complementary to their skin tones.

2. White Gold Hoop Earrings 

White gold hoop earrings can be a cheaper alternative to platinum. Metals, such as silver, combine with pure gold to give white gold hoops their coloring.

14k White Gold Sapphire Hoop Earrings

White gold hoop earrings are more scratch-resistant and durable than their yellow gold counterparts are. White gold complements diamonds well. White gold hoop earrings also complement paler complexions better than yellow gold hoop earrings do.

3. Large Gold Hoop Earrings

Large gold hoop earrings are often thinner and more lightweight than other gold hoop earrings. People measure them by the circumference of the hoop in inches.

Large Gold Hoop Earrings

While 3-inch large gold hoops might dangle above the shoulders, 5-inch large gold hoops could rub against them, so buyers should consider whether this type of contact would bothersome. Large gold hoops come in different varieties, such as those made of gold wire tubing and those shaped like teardrops.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

How to Maintain Jewelry

The luster, beauty, and value of expensive jewelry can be preserved with proper care and maintenance. Likewise, less costly items can continue looking great for years to come, with appropriate handling and storage. If you're looking to keep your diamonds sparkling, your gold brilliant, or your silver shimmering, this guide will acquaint you with the proper methods for keeping all your pieces in top shape.

The first step to caring for a piece of jewelry, whether a priceless family heirloom or a simple piece of costume jewelry, is proper storage. Even diamonds, considered the hardest natural substance on Earth, can still chip.

Store Jewelry Properly to Prevent Damage

Gold, a soft metal, can easily scratch and tangle. Pearls require special attention to keep their finish from losing its gleam. In short, virtually all jewelry pieces can be damaged, tarnished, or ruined if the owner neglects to properly house his or her items.

Store Hoop Earrings Properly

Generally, items should be kept separately, rather than tossed together in a drawer. There are many choices when it comes to storage solutions for a jewelry collection, as the forthcoming section elaborates.

Jewelry Cases for Home and Travel

A fabric-lined jewelry box with dividers is an ideal storage solution, especially for precious and expensive items. These cases have compartments specifically designed to hold necklaces, earrings, and rings. These divisions make it easy to individually protect each piece of jewelry.

Travel Jewelry Bag for Hoops

Valuables must be carefully stored in all cases, but the issue is particularly urgent when one is travelling. Jewelry rolls or travel jewelry cases are well-equipped for these occasions; both options keep jewelry organized and in pristine condition while the owner is on the go. A jewelry case specifically designed for travel is sturdy and offers a higher level of protection than a soft jewelry roll, but the latter offers the convenience of being easy to tuck into almost any bag.

Jewelry Pouches

For those who don't have a dedicated jewelry case or who have run out of compartments in a smaller one, soft drawstring pouches made of satin or velvet offer an attractive alternative. Jewelry pouches are available in various sizes, colors, and fabrics at craft stores and discount stores, and through online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc.

Jewelry Travel Pouch

When placing necklaces in cloth bags, one must take care to avoid tangling. After doing so, the jewelry owner should store the bag neatly inside a shoebox or container, where the necklace will be doubly protected. Rather than encasing pieces of jewelry in a pouch, conscientious owners can also individually wrap each item in acid-free tissue paper-an inexpensive method for keeping treasured items safe, and free from scratches and tangles.

Jewelry Trees and Organizers

A jewelry tree or rack is an excellent option for less expensive pieces of jewelry. Made from wood, metal, or plastic, jewelry trees are designed to stand on a dresser or other flat surface, and offer convenient storage for jewelry items that can hang from the branches, or arms, of the tree. Some jewelry trees accommodate earrings as well. Several variations of jewelry trees and boxes are available. These organizers and holders generally have hooks for hanging necklaces, may be of an open design or have doors, and will either hang on a wall or stand on a flat surface. Jewelry trees are more accessible than cases or pouches, meaning that household hazards, such as pets or children, might be a concern.

Keep Jewelry Clean

Dust, skin oil, and other substances can cause diamonds to lose their sparkle. Similarly, the bright, shimmery appearance of platinum, sterling silver, and gold jewelry quickly fades if these pieces aren't properly cleaned and maintained. Estate pieces and vintage items, meanwhile, require special cleaning considerations to prevent damage.

Keep Jewelry Clean

Only those who learn the recommended methods for cleaning different types of jewelry can keep their valuables glistening like new.

Clean Diamonds and Gemstones With Care

A detergent bath is the easiest way to keep diamonds and other gemstones gleaming. It is advisable to use warm water and a small amount of a mild liquid detergent. Detergents containing chlorine are to be avoided, as the chemical is harmful to jewelry. The pieces should be dipped into the solution and, to remove any dirt from the surface and crevices, lightly massaged with a soft brush. A clean toothbrush with gentle bristles works well in lieu of a jewelry brush,, as do eyebrow or lipstick brushes. After the diamonds or gemstones have been rinsed, they should be allowed to air dry, and then polished with a soft cloth. Owners should avoid washing their jewels above an open drain; all it takes is one false move for an irreplaceable item to be forever lost to the drainage system. Once the pieces are clean, owners should avoid handling them excessively; the skin's natural oils can negate a thorough cleaning effort.

Proper Cleaning of Platinum, Gold, and Sterling Silver

The same mild detergent and water solution that can be used to clean stones is also appropriate for gold, silver, and platinum maintenance. After the pieces have been rinsed, they should be further cleaned with a soft brush or cloth, and then thoroughly dried. It is recommended that users use a light, patting motion while drying, rather than an aggressive wiping technique.

White gold requires a particularly gently touch to avoid damaging the thin layer of rhodium that gives the material its distinctive color. Cloths made specifically for cleaning precious metals work well, but soft felt, flannel, or microfiber are good substitutes. Responsible jewelry owners should avoid using tissue paper or paper towels, as these options are abrasive and can scratch the piece's surface. Tarnished silver can be cleaned with a commercial polish, paste, or tarnish-removing wipe, if needed.

Protecting Pearls

Pearls are not as hard as mineral gemstones and require special handling. The best method for keeping pearls clean and lustrous is to prevent exposure to any cosmetics and toiletries; contact with such items is particularly damaging to a pearl's soft nacre coating. After the owner is done wearing the pearls, they should be gently wiped with a soft, chemical-free cloth before being placed in a soft bag or fabric-lined case.

How to Clean Pearl Jewelry

Though exposure to too much water can weaken the string which holds the pearls, the owner can still dampen the cloth with distilled water before wiping the pieces-but only if the jewelry is allowed to dry before being put away. Chemical cleaners or abrasives should never be used on pearls. This advice applies to opal and turquoise pieces as well. Like pearls, these items are porous and delicate, making a careful and regular cleaning routine necessary.

Care for Other Types of Jewelry

Estate jewelry, vintage pieces, and other types of costume jewelry have different recommendations depending on the metals and stones used in each piece. Owners should always bear in mind that moisture is potentially damaging to all types of jewelry-so the less exposure to water and chemicals, the better.


Cameos, especially shell cameos, can discolor and crack from drying and aging, and require special care. Once or twice a year, cameos should be gently cleaned with a soft-bristle toothbrush in a mild soap-and-water solution. Owners should rinse the cameo thoroughly with warm water immediately after cleaning. Shell cameos should never be soaked in any cleaning solution for more than 30 seconds. To prevent drying, the cameo should be moisturized with mineral oil or baby oil. Oil can be applied directly with one's finger, a cotton swab, or a soft cloth.

Vintage Jewelry

When one purchases a vintage jewelry piece, he or she generally wants to preserve its beauty and value, as these features are what make the piece desirable despite its old age or antiquated features. To maintain vintage jewelry, a special jewelry polishing cloth or piece of soft fabric should be used to keep the pieces dust-free.

Vintage Hoop Earrings

In the event that vintage items are heavily soiled, owners are advised to try lightly dampening the cloth with water or ammonia-free window cleaner. Abrasive and acidic cleaners, as well as ones that contain ammonia, are to be avoided. Vintage jewelry should never be soaked or placed directly under running water. 

Costume Jewelry, Plated Metals, and Semi-Precious Stones

For costume jewelry and jewelry made with plated metals and semi-precious stones, maintenance routines are similar to those used to care for vintage jewelry. For example, plated metals are made by covering a less expensive base metal with a thin layer of gold or silver, and are thus prone to scratches and wear.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Big Hoop Earrings – Where to Find Them

Big hoop earrings are all the rage these days. Everywhere you turn around, you see celebrities, sports icons, and a host of well known fashionistas pairing them with their favorite outfits. They come in such an assortment of styles that you can find a pair of hoop earrings that will match just about every piece of clothing that you own. The best part is you can buy earrings anywhere. Whether you are working with a budget or have money to blow on jewelry, you can afford to buy high quality hoop earrings. Here are several places where you can find them.

Big Hoop Earrings

The most convenient place to buy big hoop earrings is at your local mall or retail store. The advantage to buying them there is the fact that you can touch and look at them. Some stores will even allow you to try them on to see how they well they match your face.

However, you want to be careful with this. Use alcohol wipes to clean the posts to avoid contracting any type of infection. If you catch a store on a good day, you can sometimes get good deals on the earrings. Otherwise you may end up paying more.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Wearing Extra Large Hoop Earrings Isn't Crazy

It is probably a well known fact that fashion is a vital part of culture. Fashion has been a vital part of culture for centuries. However, it might not be the case that people are aware that jewelry and fashion often go hand in hand. In fact, it could be said the fashion and jewelry go well together just like peanut butter and jelly.

Extra Large Hoop Earrings

In addition, it often said by many fashion designers that the right fashion accessory can make or break an outfit. A great fashion accessory is a pair of earrings. There are many different types of earrings that are great to wear for day or night. Plus, it is important to remember that wearing extra large hoop earrings isn’t crazy. Now, let’s talk a bit about earrings.

Monday, December 09, 2019

White Gold Hoop Earrings, The Hot Next Thing

If you want to know the new fashion trends for this year, all you have to do is turn to the hoop. That is right, this year you are going to be seeing a lot of people wearing hoop earrings again. This includes both gold and white gold hoop earrings. This was a style that was in a long time ago, but as time went on they kind of faded out a lot. Now the white gold hoop earrings are back, and they are hot! Keep in mind the white gold jewelry can sometimes cost a lot more than the normal gold jewelry. That is something that you may want to know before you run out and buy some.

Large Hoop Earrings

There are a lot of fashions that come and go. However, usually we see a lot of the old ones pop back up from time to tome. One of them that is coming back is the white gold hoop earrings. Hoop earrings were a style of jewelry that was mostly worn in the 70's and 80's. As the 90's rolled around, this kind of style went away. People started wearing longer dangling earrings. Something that is kind of coming and going is the white gold.

This year it is looking like the gold color may be a little bit more of a power house than the white gold. However, a lot of people are still stuck on the sliver look, and they do not want to change. I think this is why the white gold hoop earrings are going to be a big thing. Of course, you do not have to take my word for it. Just go out to your local mall and start looking around. You will see a lot of this type of jewelry on display, as well as a lot of people wearing it.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Extra Large Hoop Earrings - Tips for Buying

Earrings come in all sorts of styles and sizes. However, the ones that are the most fun to wear are the extra large hoop earrings. They make such a statement that it is difficult for people not to notice them on you. Most everyone loves to wear these types of earrings for that specific reason. They are so fashionable that celebrities, models, and even your next door neighbor spend hours at the mall looking for the right pair to buy. But before you part with your hard earned money, here are a few tips for buying hoop earring that look good on you and are comfortable to wear.

XL Hoop Earrings

Earrings are made with a variety of materials including gold, silver, platinum, plastic, and even wood. You want to be careful when purchasing extra large hoop earrings because the bigger they are, the more materials are used to make them and the heavier they can be on the ears.

Store Hoop Earrings Properly

The last thing you want is to have to take them off in the middle of your day because your ears are sore. Another bad thing that can happen is that your ear lobes get stretched from the weight of the earrings. Typically you want to go for lightweight materials.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Diamond Hoop Earrings Will Heighten Your Grace

In the contemporary age, among the earrings of repute the diamond hoop earrings have already earned a good fame, for the sake of its elegance. In this regard, it should be said most equivalently that the hoop diamond earrings are popular in these days in the most perfect manner, and for this amplified recognition the credit goes to none other than the young pop divas like Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo, hip-hop diva extraordinaire. It is due to the contribution of J-Lo that this trend has extended to far and wide. It is also to be noted, that she has also been responsible for making the concepts of chandelier earring, and other cascading-style ear ornaments highly admired.

18K White Gold Diamond hoop earrings

However, it should be taken into consideration that the diamond hoop earrings is not only confined to the likings of the actresses of the contemporary age, but even in the past they used to be the favorites of internationally acclaimed actresses. Who can ever forget actress Elizabeth Taylor and her special fondness for diamonds? Her fondness for diamond is such that she has often been termed the lady with diamond.

Diamond Hoop Earrings

Even her fascination for diamond is known in the four corners of the earth. For instance, at the time when she was dubbed a Dame of the British Empire, the nation held a "black tie and diamonds" event, to commemorate her love for that specific precious stone. It should be known, that the diamond hoop earrings happen to be one of the finest treasures in the jewelry collection of this legendary actress.

Small Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a timeless classic in earring fashion. They appeal to women of all ages, bearing all fashion styles. While many types of earrings tend to go in and out of fashion trends, classic hoop earrings are commonly found and are a constant in jewelry trends. Hoop earrings can be made from a variety of materials: yellow or white gold, sterling silver, stainless steel.

Small Hoop Earrings

Small hoop earrings can often be considered preferable to large hoop earrings for a variety of reasons. Small hoops are tastefully quiet and mute, and make a dazzling appearance without being too loud in presence. They look terrific on any wearer, of about any age, depending on theexact styling of the jewelry. And when weight of the jewelry is considered, small hoop earrings are much lighter and easier to manage than those that are larger in size. Small hoop earrings are typically made from gold, silver, precious or semi-precious stones, or a mix of these materials together.

Small Silver Hoop Earrings

It is not uncommon to find earrings made out of multiple colors of gold. Sometimes small hoop earrings are made from other metals like titanium or nickel, plastic, or even rubber.

Small Hoop Earrings

Earrings made from cheaper materials like plastics are commonly found in boutiques targeting a younger audience. These styles of small hoop earrings at are very cheap in price and are usually mass-produced.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings for Every Woman

Back in the eighties, gold bamboo hoop earrings were all the rage. They were most especially popular in urban areas. Despite their name, these earrings are not actually made out of bamboo. They are made from gold but have a bamboo pattern in them that is very elegant. They came in a range of sizes and styles and it was not unusually to see some as small as a nose ring or large enough to caress the shoulders. However, as the eighties faded away so did the trend and these earrings could only be found in places like second hand stores and swap meets.

Bamboo Hoop Earrings

Fashion is funny, however, and we are seeing a resurgence of these earrings in the mainstream again. This time around they are even fancier than they have been before. You can still get gold bamboo hoop earrings as small or as large as you want them. However, you can also get them in elaborate styles. For example, there are some earrings that have words worked into the design.

Silver Bamboo Hoop Earrings

You can even have these earring custom designed so that your name is stretches across the center of the hoop earring. This makes a special gift for that person who loves to be the center of attention because these earrings will certainly get them noticed.

White Gold Earrings To Go With Every Occasion

Gold may be common in women jewelry but let’s face it you cannot get a substitute for gold. Yellow and white gold earrings are available at every jewelry store with different styles like hoops, stud, huggie, dangling, drop earrings and many more. The vast variety of jewelry now available in white gold is uncountable, from white gold bracelets to white gold earrings. These earrings are available in different karats of gold in different sizes. The shine of a white gold in incomparable with any other metal and is worth buying. An outfit will be incomplete without a pair of earrings in your ears.

Large White Gold Hoop Earrings

White gold is an alloy of gold, being flexible in nature they can twist and mold I any shape. Pure 24k gold tends to supple and easily bent, due to its nature of flexibility a 14k of gold is mixed with an alloy of metal like nickel or palladium to make them hard and strong disabling them to break off that easily. Thus, when making yellow or white gold earrings, almost 18k of gold is used to make them strong enough from breaking or bending that easily. So make sure when you buy any gold jewelry you know how much karat is used in making it, the more karat of gold bought, the more it’s going to last long.

White Gold Diamond Earrings

Logically, the prices of white gold earrings vary according to their sizes and karats of Gold used in each earring. While purchasing 9k of white gold, the price may be $10-$30, as far as 14k of white gold is concerned, the price may start from $100 onwards. The same way bigger the earring the expensive it’s going to be. I would recommend 14k of gold which is perfect in earrings and is not that costly.

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